The Weekly Juice

Passive Income to Financial Freedom with Marketing Expert Sharon Tseung

Episode Summary

This week, marketing expert Sharon Tseung joins the show to share her journey to financial freedom. She has built numerous streams of passive income via online businesses, educational platforms and real estate investments. Sharon walks us through her many different income streams, how she built them, and advice she has for aspiring entrepreneurs. Sharon is currently financially free and can work remotely from wherever she wants in the word due to the flexibility of her income streams. If you’re looking to start a side hustle or add a passive income stream for yourself, this is the episode for you. Check out Sharon's Remote Rental Riches Course: Code: JUICEPOD

Episode Notes

Cory and Ryan are now using RentRedi to help them manage their investment properties. RentRedi assists with client communication, rent collection, maintenance, and more. Visit the link below to learn more about RentRedi, and be sure to use promo code JUICEPOD to get 50% off.