The Weekly Juice | Real Estate, Personal Finance, Investing

Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a thriving investor or entrepreneur, but didn’t know how? Maybe you wanted to ask them about their successes, failures, systems, motivations, or experiences they’ve had? Perhaps you wanted to invite them out for a coffee or beer to ask them how they reached their level of success, but couldn’t find the time? Don’t worry, that's where we come in! The Weekly Juice Podcast, co-hosted by Ryan Bevilacqua and Cory Jacobson, provides actionable advice from investors, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, and other successful individuals who are actively pursuing financial independence. This show is not run by financial gurus trying to sell you a course or a get rich quick scheme, but rather by two young men in their early 30's sharing other accomplished people’s stories in the hopes that they help you on your quest towards financial independence. Follow us on Instagram @weeklyjuicepod for daily tips, tricks, stories, and actionable content to assist on your journey!